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5 Myths You Hear as a College Athlete

TW: contains information on eating disorders and body image.
This post dispels common myths that college athletes hear such as thinner equals faster or that athletes should eat the same as non-athletes.

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Providing your body with the essential energy for powering through exercises is crucial during a gym or indoor track workout. This guide provides tips on how to effectively fuel and hydrate your body during indoor workouts. The focus is on the right timing and type of nutrients to avoid energy crashes or gastrointestinal issues, and to keep energy levels up.

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NYU Women’s cross country

When Coach Tyler Deck Shipley inherited the NYU women’s cross country team in 2021, he only had four runners — not enough to score in meets. In nearly three seasons, with strong recruiting and a new philosophy, he has elevated the team to the No. 5 national ranking — the highest in the program’s history.

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