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Amy Stephens


Licensed dietitian

specializing in sports nutrition 

and eating disorders

Amy Stephens is a registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports nutrition, blogger, runner and food coach. She has over 20 years experience working with amateur and high-performing Olympic level athletes to achieve their sports performance goals using the latest science-backed approaches. Currently, Amy serves as team dietitian for Empire Elite Track Club, a high level group of athletes focused on making the US Olympic team. She coaches elite athletes on nutrition for optimal performance and recovery to maximize their personal success. She has traveled with her team to the Olympic trials in Eugene, OR as well as many other qualifying meets. There, Amy learned first-hand how to fuel high performing athletes for competition. 

Amy also works as a collegiate dietitian for NYU Track and Field team which is located in New York City, New York. Amy meets with the team regularly to provide education on performance nutrition, meal plans, and race day nutrition.

Amy has experience working with athletes that struggle with proper fueling with a history of eating disorders, including RED-S. She works with her athletes to find holes in their current eating plans and creates easy-to-follow steps to improve their health and performance. Amy can work with you to create a nutrition plan to give you peak performance in any sport. Amy has worked with athletes focused on running,  (marathon, track, ultra runners), pickleball, baseball, tennis and cycling. She is a runner herself and recently ran her first Boston qualifying (BQ) time in 2021. 

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Amy Stephens, MS, RDN, CDCES, CSSD

Licensed dietitian

 Specializing in sports nutrition and eating disorders

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