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Guide to Carb Loading for a Marathon

The greater the amount of glycogen present in your body, the greater your body’s capacity to run faster and for a longer duration. Having fully replenished glycogen stores on the day of a race can significantly enhance your ability to endure the 26.2-mile journey and potentially boost your performance by 2-3% (as noted by Hawley).

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How to prevent GI issues in runners

We all know far too well that gastrointestinal issues can derail a training run or race physically and mentally. Cramping, bloating, and diarrhea can quickly worsen dehydration and become very painful or even debilitating. In this post, I outline some easy strategies to help you feel better and improve performance when facing GI issues. By following these nutrition strategies, one can improve symptoms and performance as a whole.

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How to Restore Your Period as an Endurance Athlete

Athletes burn tons of extra calories each day because of the high demands of their training. If their nutritional needs are not being met, they may be underfueling. For female athletes, underfueling poses a high risk for secondary amenorrhea, which is defined as the absence of three or more periods in a row by someone who has had periods in the past. It can lead to a variety of other health issues, specifically impacting bone health and lowering immunity. Unfortunately, secondary amenorrhea is extremely common in female runners.

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Athletes have high energy demands, and it can be difficult to meet these needs with meals alone. Energy bars and bites are a great way to offset hunger and fill in gaps between meals. Together with my intern, Sara, we created a list of energy bars and bites that we personally enjoy. These recipes can be easily prepared as a convenient way to meet nutritional needs.

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If you’re a marathon runner, you’ll appreciate this presentation. On July 16th, 2023, I was invited to participate in the NYC marathon nutrition panel hosted by NYRR. We covered a lot of important topics for runners such as: hydration, fueling strategies, best gear, and how to prevent hitting the wall. Click the link to see the full presentation.

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How Social Media Affects Athletes

Social media can be a great place for athletes to connect with other athletes, share content about their own journeys, and follow their favorite pros. However, social media can also become a toxic environment for those who are not cognizant of its impact.

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