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Best Nutrition Bars for Athletes

I always recommend a food first approach but sometimes fresh food isn’t always available. Athletes have high energy demands, and in order to maintain a positive energy balance, athletes need to eat throughout the day.

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Eating Disorders in Athletes: Impact on Performance

Eating disorders affect an athlete both mentally and physically and have significant impacts on performance. This blog will discuss the prevalence of eating disorders, identify warning signs in athletes, distinguish the differences and similarities to relative energy deficiency syndrome (REDS), and provide resources for those struggling to seek help.

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How to prevent GI issues in runners

We all know far too well that gastrointestinal issues can derail a training run or race physically and mentally. Cramping, bloating, and diarrhea can quickly worsen dehydration and become very painful or even debilitating. In this post, I outline some easy strategies to help you feel better and improve performance when facing GI issues. By following these nutrition strategies, one can improve symptoms and performance as a whole.

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Athlete’s Guide to Reducing Inflammation

In the world of sports and athletics, all athletes experience inflammation. Inflammation is a natural and healthy process by which the body protects itself from harm. Intense exercise causes metabolic waste as toxins are released, causing the body to respond. Inflammation is the process whereby the body heals itself from toxins.

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