Amy Stephens


Licensed dietitian

specializing in sports nutrition

and eating disorders


Sports Nutrition

  • Calculation of daily carbohydrate, protein and fat needs
  • Personalize nutrition plan that matches training load (workouts versus low intensity days)
  • Customize hydration and electrolyte plan
  • Improve body composition
  • Identify best ergogenic/sports performance supplements
  • Proper fueling during training and competition
  • Hydration and electrolyte requirements during endurance events
  • Create a nutrition plan for marathon training that includes what to eat before a run, after, and how to fuel during a marathon

Eating disorders in athletes

  • Provide assessment and treatment plan for relative energy deficiency in sport (REDS), anorexia, bulemia, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID)
  • Normalize eating plan to improve performance
  • Evaluation of diet to ensure adquate nutrition requirements are met
  • Provide tools to facilitate behavior change
  • On-going support to ensure nutrition plan meets energy demands

Weight Management

  • Individualize meal plan
  • Focus on eating habits, not dieting, to change body
  • Create a structured eating plan


  • Gestational diabetes – manage blood sugars by balancing macronutrients
  • Healthy pregnancy diet:  food safety, morning sickness, micronutrient requirements and healthy weight gain guidelines

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