Amy Stephens


Licensed dietiTian

specializing in diabetes, sports nutrition and weight management

About Me

I’m excited to introduce myself.  I’ve been practicing nutrition for over 20 years and love working with all types of athletes and people with diabetes or hormonal imbalances.
Mission statement
My goal is to help patients balance lifestyle and healthy eating plans that they can maintain for the long-term.  I encourage whole, unprocessed foods, and I recognize that a nutrition plan needs to be individualized to match lifestyle. 
Expertise with athletes
I’m team nutritionist for Hoka NJ/NY track club, where the athletes are performing at a high level, working toward the US Olympic team.  I have been an athlete all my life, practiced gymnastics for 15 years, and now an avid runner. I use the most current research to support optimal performance.  Whether you’re looking to compete at the Olympic level or exercise to lose body fat, I can help create the right nutrition plan. All foods fit into a healthy diet as long as the base of the diet is from whole, unprocessed ingredients.  Athletes will perform best when their eating plan is individualized and matches their current training load.
Expertise with diabetes
I’ve been fortunate to gain a strong medical background working with Dr. Andrew J. Drexler, one of the foremost endocrinologists in the field of diabetes and hormone imbalances.  I present at numerous physician grand rounds at NYU/Bellevue on the diabetes diet. In my practice, I work closely with a patient’s medical team with all types of diabetes and hormonal issues:  PCOS, pre-diabetes, type 2, type 1, LADA, MODY, and gestational diabetes. I’m happy to create a nutrition plan that helps keep blood sugars in control and matches your lifestyle.
How I can help
I can meet in-person or conduct online sessions to educate about ways to make a positive change towards living a healthier life. We will focus on healthy habits and meal planning to feel confident about food choices. 

One-on-one nutritional counseling

There is a vast amount of confusing and ever-changing nutrition information available. After a thorough history that includes medication, diet preferences and medical history, I will develop a sample meal plan and best strategies for meeting your goals.

Online nutritional counseling

Online sessions are more convenient and just as effective for meeting your nutrition goals. I’m happy to work with you via phone or VideoChat (Skype or Facetime). Spend more time on meal prep and less time traveling to our sessions. Please note: phone/video sessions are not covered by insurance. Please call me for rates and packages.

Lectures in schools and workplaces

I love giving presentations to large groups in schools and workplaces. Available topics are: healthy eating habits for elementary and middle school, diabetes prevention, balanced diet, and healthy meal and snack ideas.

It's all about the journey to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Moderation, not deprivation.

Amy Stephens, MS, RDn, CDE

Licensed dietiTian

specializing in diabetes, sports nutrition and weight management

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