Amy Stephens


Licensed dietiTian

specializing in sports nutrition and diabetes


One-on-one nutritional counseling – There is a vast amount of confusing and ever-changing nutrition information available.  Amy will first review medical history, current medications, current diet, and exercise regimen and then make specific dietary goals.  Amy will develop a sample meal plan and best tips for meeting your goals.



Post-partum package – This is a new program for women who recently gave birth and have limited time to meet for necessary, in-person weekly sessions.  Combines in-office one-on-one counseling, weekly phone and/or Skype sessions, weekly diet analysis and office follow-ups.  This program is ideal for a busy, new mom who needs to shed the extra baby weight.  Since Amy helps with meal planning and establishing a new eating routine, it gives a new mom more time with her baby.  Patient can pay a monthly fee or per session.  Package will include:  monthly one-on-one sessions and weekly Skype/email/phone diet analysis.


Lectures in schools and workplaces – Amy is available to provide a nutrition lecture to your employees or school faculty or children.  Available topics are:  healthy eating habits for elementary and middle school, diabetes and carbohydrate counting, gluten-free, and weight management for high school children.