Amy Stephens


Licensed dietiTian

specializing in sports nutrition and diabetes

Diabetes Education

Amy Stephens, CDE (certified diabetes educator) has extensive training in diabetes.  Amy trained with Andrew Drexler, MD, one of the foremost diabetes and insulin experts in the country.  Amy will work with patients that have:  insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes.



  • nutrition plan to prevent diabetes
  • diet analysis
  • sample meal plan
  • weight management goals

Type 1 diabetes:

  • carbohydrate counting
  • work closely with endocrinologist to adjust insulin
  • communicate with medical team

Type 2 diabetes:

  • sample meal plan
  • carbohydrate guidelines
  • weight management
  • diet and lifestyle modifications

Gestational diabetes:

  • carbohydrate guidelines
  • sample meal plan
  • ongoing communication and monitoring with OB/GYN physician throughout duration of pregnancy
  • glucometer training and monitoring
  • weight gain guidelines
  • post-pregnancy diabetes prevention