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Move Over, Gels. Heinz Wants Runners to Refuel With Ketchup.


You can put ketchup on a burger or fries, sure. It’s a key ingredient in Russian salad dressing and meatloaf. Ketchup was once even declared a vegetable by the U.S. Agriculture Department under President Ronald Reagan.

Now a new video from Heinz insists that “runners everywhere are using Heinz ketchup packets on their runs.” The company has also created running routes in the shape of its branded keystone logo in several cities, including New York, marking restaurants where ketchup packets are available for eager runners to grab.

But are runners in fact suddenly consuming ketchup? So much of it that they need to stop at fast food joints to reload? And if so, is that really a good idea?

Nutritionists are dubious.

“I’m totally skeptical,” said Amy Stephens, a sports dietitian for the New York University track team.

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